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Over the past few months, we've had the chance to collaborate with and learn more about the individuals who make up our scout community. They're an incredibly accomplished and awesome group of people, and we're excited for you to get to know a bit more about them. If you're interested in joining, apply here!


JavaScript Overview — Declaring and Using Variables

Remedy's software engineers outline some JavaScript basics.

Whether you're just learning how to code, an expert brushing up on the basics, or a founder trying to communicate better with a technical team, we're diving into declaring and using variables in JavaScript – courtesy of the Remedy engineering team. We'll walk through Scope, Hoisting, Bindings, Temporal Dead Zones, and Functional Declarations vs Class Declarations. Keep an eye out for resources throughout the piece in case you want to explore any of the topics further.


Remedy Invests in Ash Wellness

We're thrilled to add our partner Ash to our portfolio after investing in their bridge round.

Remedy Product Studio is excited to announce our investment in our longtime partner and newest portfolio company, Ash Wellness. By taking this next step, we continue to support our partner’s goal to increase healthcare accessibility through diagnostic testing. Remedy’s investment was a part of Ash’s bridge round, which helped them secure funding to scale before they raise a Series A. We invested alongside other investors such as Gaingels, XRC Labs, Merus Capital, 500 Global, and Cornell Tech. Ash Wellness’s end-to-end solution allows organizations to offer at-home diagnostic testing to their...


Remedy Launches Latin American Division

We are thrilled to announce that in April 2022, Remedy Product Studio opened a Latin American Division out of Medellin, Colombia. The global nature of our company defines who we are. With teams located across the United States, Europe, and now, Latin America, we provide dedicated product development support to businesses around the world. With the addition of our Latin American team, we gain the ability to staff teams in new markets with full US time zone overlap and now have incredibly skilled engineers, UX/UI designers, product managers, and more, in almost every time zone in the world.  ...


Neil Smullian Joins Remedy to Lead Business Development and Sales

We’re excited to welcome the newest addition to the Remedy team, Neil Smullian, who joined us this summer as SVP, Business Development and Head of Sales. Neil has spent more than 20+ years in technology sales and has experience driving revenue at early-stage companies and enterprises across Finance, Healthcare, Travel and Media.  From 2009-2013 Neil worked for the UK Department of International Trade, where he supported companies looking to establish and expand their presence in the UK. Most recently, Neil was at Data Art, a global technology consultancy. Neil has significant experience...


Engineering & Mentorship: Inside the Remedy x Ash Partnership

Remedy and Ash first crossed paths when our Head of Product Iggy Moliver met Ash Wellness co-Founder and CEO David Stein through networking platform LunchClub in March 2020. Iggy felt strongly about Ash’s mission to expand accessibility to at-home diagnostic testing and recognized David’s passion and ability to execute. After a few conversations, he made an angel investment and became a product advisor.  In 2021, Ash realized they needed engineering support to reach their bold vision quickly, and soon after, the two companies formed a partnership. With 100+ tests available now, Ash empowers...


The History of Remedy Product Studio

Read about the founding of Remedy and how it grew into the company it is today.

How It All Started


5 Exciting Ways PetTech Can Help Your Pets

The global pet care market surpassed $222.93 billion in 2021, while experts predict it to grow to $325.74 billion by 2028. This growth is driven by a distinct concern for animal welfare and a search to know more about how to improve the well-being of our pets.


How Medical AI Is Changing Healthcare in 2022

Medical Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the most disruptive factors in the healthcare domain. The market for AI in healthcare is projected to grow from $6.1 billion in 2021 to $64.11 billion in 2027 (growing by 45.12% annually). How and why has AI gained such impressive traction for hospitals and medical providers? In this article, healthcare startups, clinicians, and medical practitioners will gain insights on: What Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is Benefits of AI in the medical field AI uses in healthcare Examples of AI in healthcare


How to Wireframe: Our Go-To Methods

Tips and strategies our teams use for wireframing

If we asked you to name the first step that every designer, product manager, and developer should take when they start a project, what might you say? Our answer: wireframing. In our last article, we discussed wireframing basics and shared a few tips on how to create a wireframe for a website in 8 easy steps. But what does the process of creating wireframes look like from the inside? What is the difference between wireframes, mockups, and prototypes? How do you know what to do and what steps to take? This time around, our design squad wants to highlight their practical steps to help you...


How we store data on client (browser)

Improve performance, reliability, and user experience

Modern storage makes it possible to store more than just small chunks of data on a user’s device. We can keep data for long-term storage, save sites or documents for offline use, retain user-specific settings for sites, and more. This article explains the very basics of how these work. Caching and storage can improve performance, reliability and user experience (UX). Storing a large amount of data on a client is easy to do. Unless you’re trying to store several gigabytes of data, modern browsers are equipped to save a large amount of information, but you need to know the limitations of each...


What is a Wireframe and How to Create One in 8 Easy Steps

A wireframe is a two-dimensional screen blueprint that represents the skeleton of a website or app.

Wireframing is one of the earliest and most ground-breaking steps in design and development. The primary purpose of using wireframes is to get a full picture of the project, outline its key features, and keep both the customer and developer on the same page. UX wireframes allow you to clearly convey your initial ideas and introduce changes with minimal effort. In this short guide for beginners, we’ll share a few wireframing basics and cover the following aspects: What is a wireframe? How to create a wireframe? Tools we use for creating wireframes


Remedy Invests in AssetDash Pre-Seed Funding Round

AssetDash, a revolutionary digital platform for effortless tracking of financial assets, has been recently launched publicly for iOS and Android users.

All-In-One Investment Tracking Platform Powered by Remedy Product Studio


To Build or Not To Build: A User Interview Case Study

How we stress tested a product idea through user validation

In our last article, we discussed how to validate an idea with user interviews before investing time and money into development. So, what does the process of conducting user interviews actually look like? In this post, we'll walk you through a time when we used our validation process and user interviews to test an idea.


9 Simple Steps to Conduct User Interviews Like a Pro

Conducting user interviews helps you understand your users. We put together 9 steps on how to conduct user interviews like a professional.

When starting a new project you’re excited about, you may be tempted to begin development right away. After all, you’re employing Agile methods, and agile means you move fast and break things. You’ll just fix whatever you got wrong later. Right? Absolutely not! To build a great product, you need to solve an important, high-priority problem. You uncover an important problem by speaking with potential users. You may think that user interviews are an extra step that you don’t need, but a strong user research strategy is the foundation of great product development. Studies show that every...


Top 4 Emerging Healthcare Industry Trends in 2021 to Keep in Mind

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has become a life-changing catalyst for new clinical innovation technologies. The last two years have reshaped the healthcare industry and changed many treatment methods. Doctors now have an unprecedented number of new digital platforms and data tools they can use to manage workflows and improve patient outcomes.  The adoption of the latest medical technology has made hospitals smarter and enabled ongoing development. The global digital health market size was valued at $96.5 billion in 2020 and is forecast to reach a mind-blowing $295.4 billion in 2028.



JULY 12, 2021

Remedy Product Studio, a leading product development partner for startups and corporate innovation groups, is pleased to announce that Co-Founder Igor Faybyshev will be rejoining the team full-time as Head of Operations & Technology. Igor will be bringing his expertise in finance and payments technology to lead Remedy's market expansion. Igor has spent the last two decades as an engineer and engineering leader at various companies in New York and New Jersey, spanning from early stage startups to large enterprises. He has spent 10+ years in engineering and architecture leadership roles. Most...


How 4 Fitness Startups Pivoted In Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic


As 2020 comes to a close, New Year’s resolutions are just over the horizon. With all of the “get a killer beach body” and “lose 5 pounds” resolutions, it’s no surprise that January and February are the two busiest months for gyms and studios. Yet, this year workout options look very different. As the pandemic reaches month 9 in the United States, many industries have been hit hard, but few have been impacted as much as fitness. Gyms and studios were closed for months by state orders and those that returned have done so with limited hours and drastically reduced capacity. In these difficult...


Women In Tech & Entrepreneurship

NOVEMBER 2, 2018 | by ALICE K.

RPS is excited to announce a new initiative to partner with female-founded startups through our sponsorship of Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship events. Remedy Point Solutions helped develop ClassPass’s platform from 2014 through 2016 and we’re also the team behind FairFrame’s corporate diversity and inclusion technology. FairFrame was last year’s winner of NYU’s $300K Entrepreneur’s Challenge and the company seeks to combat racial and gender prejudice in the workplace by targeting biased language in employee reports.


The Home For Early Stage Startups

OCTOBER 18, 2018 | by ALICE K.

RPS is excited to announce a partnership with WeWork Labs as official mentors of the “The Home for Early Stage Startups”. WeWork Labs provides education, connections, and mentorship to help anyone take the startup path and grow. WeWork Labs partners with local incubators and accelerators to provide holistic, long-term support for startups throughout their journey. We’re excited about our partnership with WeWork Labs because these values are in line with our own goal of helping startups achieve sustainable growth as long-term partners. . RPS has been a part of the WeWork community for 2 years....


Startup Spotlight: Codestream At Developer Week

AUGUST 1, 2018 | by ALICE K.

A lot of exciting products were featured at Developer Week this year, but the one that really caught my eye was CodeStream – the first messaging platform built exclusively for developers. I was there with a developer friend and we talked excitedly about the possibility of “a Slack exclusively for developers”. It would make collaborating, commenting, and communicating code so much easier. I had the chance to speak with Peter Pezaris, Founder & CEO at CodeStream to learn more about his journey. According to Peter, “if you make things simpler to talk about, people will do it more often”. I...


The Booming World Of Sports Tech

JULY 16, 2018 | by PETER S.

Historically, the term “Sports Tech” often received the stigma of being niche within the venture community. Despite professional sports being a multi-billion dollar industry, many investors expressed concern over limited market size. There are only ~120 teams across NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, and budgets for non-performance related initiatives (i.e. player salaries) are notoriously frugal. Furthermore, the collegiate market is highly fragmented and the sports industry as a whole is ripe with gatekeepers. However, the sentiment has changed in recent years with a boon in “sports tech” investment....


Why Your Site Should Be “Mobile-First”

JULY 6, 2018 | by SERGEY Z.

What does “mobile-first” mean?


Developer Week NYC 2018 – A Big Hit!

JUNE 21, 2018 | by ALICE K.

On June 18th – 20th thousands of developers and techies came to the Brooklyn Expo Center for Developer Week NYC 2018. I was able to attend and meet some great engineers and companies and learn the latest about development focused technology.


WALKLI Selected For Masschallenge

JUNE 5, 2018 | by IGGY M.

In March 2016 Walkli Founder & CEO Jeff Peo came to RPS with an ambitious vision of helping travelers get off the beaten path and have more authentic travel experiences- to “see the city between the sights.” After collaborating on design and product roadmapping, Jeff engaged RPS to make his dream a reality. 2 years later, Walkli has over 600 paths in 300 cities and was just selected for the prestigious MassChallenge Accelerator.


Venture 101: The Dating Game

MAY 20, 2018 | by PETER S.

The process of raising venture money is a lot like dating. Games are often played – encouraging encounters can end in ghosting, they might like your friend (competitor) better, and you have to finely walk that “I’m available” but also “hard to get” vibe. All you can do though is stay true to yourself (and vision), and coining a phrase from the great Joel Embiid, just trust the process. Below we have outlined some of our dating (put a line through dating?) fundraising tips.


How To Tackle GDPR

MAY 17, 2018 | by OLEG K.

Over the past few weeks you’ve probably received a couple (or a couple dozen) Privacy Policy Update Emails from various tech services you use. The emails sent by everyone from Spotify to Bob’s Discount Furniture all refer to something called GDPR.


What Is RPS?

MAY 16, 2018 | by IGGY M.

When I was just starting my company, OnePlayce, I had a friend I would go to for technical advice named Justin Chang. At the time, Justin was the Director of Product at ClassPass (he’s advanced to Head of Product since). I asked Justin to help me find a technical partner to collaborate with on my vision. He set meetings with many talented and enthusiastic engineers. Some were better than others, and I even got to the altar with one before we both decided it wasn’t the right fit. ‍ After months of meetings, I grew frustrated. Over coffee with Justin, I vented, “It’s impossible to find a...

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