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Meet Our Cohort 3 Scouts

Meet the group of accomplished professionals who make up our third scout cohort! From groundbreaking startups to innovative healthcare solutions, these experts have made significant contributions to their fields and are paving the way for the future. Discover their stories below.

If you're interested in learning more about our scout community, check it out here!



Sumeet Shah

Sumeet Shah has over 15 years of experience in the early-stage and later-stage consumer investing and operating worlds, from working with private-equity-backed consumer businesses to 10+ years in the consumer venture and startup worlds, helping to start two early-stage VC firms in 2014 (Brand Foundry) and 2019 (Swiftarc). He started in Summer 2023 and currently runs VHS Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the next generation of Consumer Brand and Consumer Infrastructure founders.

Maxwell Schilling

After studying photography and human rights in college, I stumbled into impact investing while working for a human rights organization. I raised $3M for what became a very profitable business venture (with impressive social impact, too!), all of which catapulted me into my MBA with a fascination for business, entrepreneurship and technology. At CBS I focused on finance and investing, doing two years of VC before joining a SaaS startup, Kumospace. Three years, four million users and $25M from Lightspeed VC later, I left to start a product management networking community called Roadmap.

Jake Drutchas

Recent Graduate of MIT's Integrated Design and Management program which studies engineer, design, and business through the lens of human centered innovation. Leading growth at Wurthy, a fintech company creating a platform that supports seller-based financing and empowers sellers to earn interest. Jake loves working to bring new ideas to life and meeting cool people who have a passion for creating.

Laurel Woerner

Laurel Woerner’s mission is to get founders from zero to one to one hundred. In her current consulting practice, she partners with leading organizations to develop strategies for startup engagement and growth including projects for Meta, Frontline Ventures, K50 Ventures, Tola Capital, and Chicago:Blend. She also serves on the board of VC Platform Global Community, helping to recognize and propagate standards of excellence in venture capital on behalf of the community’s 600+ member firms. After nearly a decade of supporting entrepreneurs at funds like Work-Bench and RRE Ventures, she’s developed pattern recognition for the challenges teams face when scaling a business and the frameworks to support them.

Jeffrey Baumohl

Jeff Baumohl is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of experience building and leading go-to-markets of B2B SaaS platforms. He has a proven track record of driving growth, generating over $100 million in ARR, at both startups and large enterprises including ADP, Paycor, and HotSchedules. Jeff's expertise spans strategy, product management, strategic partnerships, and operations.

Craig McCloud

Craig is an executive leader, internationally-trained general counsel, litigator, negotiator, mediator, and strategic advisor with twenty-five years of success in health care, legal, and various other corporate sectors. He brings rich expertise in organizational and operational planning, growth, and risk management. Highlights of his professional training include: Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Leadership Program and Yale School of Management Executive Healthcare Management Program. Additionally, he is actively engaged in the annual World Business Forum. Craig’s strengths include his natural executive presence and reputation in the execution of strategy, revenue/growth, and risk management. He earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Western Michigan University in 2004, where he was President of his class. Highlights of his career include: President and General Counsel of a health care enterprise serving marginalized rural communities; President of a health care construction company concentrating in health care facility construction; and Founder and Managing Member of McCloud Law Group. He holds various leadership appointments in his hometown and local community and also serves as Advisor at Techstars and Big Rio AI.

Patrick Mulvihill

Seasoned sales rep with over 8+ years of sales experience working in start up's (hired as first BD to build pipeline and GTM team, med device (spine), investment wine management and health tech (Uber Health) with a expertise in healthcare logistics (patient transportation, RX delivery, OTC/Grocery).

Julia Leodori

Julia has a background in data science and software engineering at Bank of America and in venture capital as a fellow with Coyote Ventures. She recently launched Jewelytix Consulting, delivering due diligence, market research, data analytics and organization, business development and content creation for startups and venture capital firms. Jewelytix also offers GTM strategy consulting, product management, sales/solutions engineering and fractional Integrator/Chief of Staff services. Julia graduated from Duke University with a Master of Engineering in Financial Technology and is passionate about the FinTech, Web3/Blockchain, FemTech (women's health and wellness), SaaS, AI/ML and CPG industries.

Sid Hingorani

I am a fact-driven, result-oriented individual with a focus on the larger picture. I believe in the value that a diverse team brings over an individualistic idea.

Alex Owens

Alex Owens is an Irish and UK-trained MD MPH with clinical (NHS), strategy consulting (Dalberg - Global Health division) and digital health (Medical Lead @ LetsGetChecked + Hurdle) experience. Alex led LetsGetChecked's diagnostics vertical, integrated genomics to the platform and established a telemedicine function, before moving to lead Hurdle's US expansion efforts. Alex is most passionate about building at the 0>1 stage, bringing a scrappy "can-do" work ethic to complex problems, and having fun while doing it.

Jonathan Chang

Jonathan Chang is the Founder and CEO of Markit Social, a Techstars Boston company that has raised $1.1M in funding for event marketing and management based on text messaging. He serves as president of the Techstars Boston Chapter and is deeply involved in the Boston tech/startup ecosystem, running a weekly event list with over 500 subscribers of founders, investors, and startup operators.

Raihan Faroqui

Raihan is an internal medicine doctor and clinical neurology researcher by training. For the past 5 years, he has worked non-clinically as an early-stage healthtech startup operator at 3 Seed and Series A startups that collectively raised $40M+ from VCs. He was in the first 5-10 employees at each startup and had stints at Biotia (infectious disease diagnostics SaaS) and Perry Health (diabetes remote patient monitoring clinics). He now serves as Head of Medical Affairs at Seed-stage Guaranteed Health in the value-based end of life care space building tech-enabled services and software in serious illness, palliative, and hospice care.

He also sits on the advisory board of a few startups (ReKlame Health-culturally competent behavioral health, Diagnoss-AI/provider enablement) and serves as a mentor with the Techstars LA Healthcare accelerator program. In his free time, he runs a boutique strategy consulting firm called Connectify Health where he's worked with over 25 startups and provides fundraising strategy and investor access, steps in as fractional Chief Medical Officer to help with clinical evidence generation, provider / payor GTM strategy, talent acquisition and hiring, and really any other need a founder could have. He's an avid NYC healthtech community member and loves organizing in-person and virtual panels, happy hours, and meetups.


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