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Meet Our Cohort 4 Scouts

Meet the group of accomplished professionals who make up our fourth scout cohort! From founding groundbreaking startups to contributing to innovative healthcare solutions, these experts have made significant contributions to their fields and are paving the way for the future. Discover their stories below.

If you're interested in learning more about our scout community, check it out here!


Charles Ju

Charles was the founder and product executive of two gaming companies that were both acquired. The two acquired gaming companies, PlayMesh and Battle Camp, made over $100mm in revenue and had over 60mm downloads combined. Beyond games, Charles has also founded Sessions, a live video streaming music platform for musicians to stream virtual concerts with over 100,000 registered artists. He is a technical hands-on product leader that can drive the full product lifecycle from ideation to launch to live operations. He has extensive experience in hiring and managing teams, scaling processes, writing product specs, optimizing user flows, improving revenue generation, adding gamification, and growing traction.

Seth Weil

Seth Weil is a New York based healthcare strategy and corporate development leader with a diverse professional background spanning management consulting, healthcare systems and technology startups. Seth is passionate about considering the direction with which healthcare will evolve in the face of macro-level shifts in economics, socioeconomics, and demographics — believing that there is opportunity abound for products and services to generate dramatic leaps of improvement within current industry paradigms, as well as for novel solutions to carve entirely new paths and create new channels.

Lisa Mallner

Lisa Mallner is currently a Commercial Advisor at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, where she focuses on sustainability, as well as a co-organizer of NY Climate Tech, a community organization supporting the climate tech ecosystem.  She has a global career spanning the Nordics, US, and Asia providing specialized strategic counsel to scaling companies, collaborating with large corporations and government agencies.  She has previously worked in Foreign Direct Investment facilitating the expansion of Nordic companies to the ASEAN region, and has expertise in navigating complex global landscapes and generating substantial deal flow.  She is recognized for diplomatic communication, leadership in organizational change, and dedication to community building and supporting sustainable impact initiatives.

Brian Von Ancken

Brian is a health and wellness entrepreneur who created the Wellness Growth Mastermind, a community of leaders dedicated to business and personal growth. He previously founded the mindful social workout ANCKOR and has helped scale brands like Tough Mudder, Barry's, and Othership as an executive. He is certified in emotional wellness facilitation, breathwork, and group fitness. He also has a B.A. from Tufts University and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School. His mantra is, "Know yourself and have fun."

Bobby Ellett

Bobby Ellett is an experienced professional in finance, technology go-to-market, and business development. With a strong foundation in investment banking and corporate finance at J.P. Morgan, Bobby has also excelled in operational and strategic finance roles at Cecelia Health, where he played a pivotal role in product strategy and fundraising efforts.

At LvlUp Ventures, as a Venture Scout, he empowers startups with critical go-to-market strategies and capital solutions, navigating complex investment landscapes to secure funding and drive growth. Bobby’s approach combines a deep understanding of market dynamics with a passion for transformative technology products, which he is excited to leverage as part of Remedy's Scout Program.

Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, producing music, and staying active with running, swimming, and tennis. Eager to connect, Bobby welcomes new partnerships and collaborations.

Jake Fishbein

Jake is a startup consultant and advisor with over seven years of experience in healthcare. Having worked in health IT, provider groups, health systems, payers, medical devices, and risk-based virtual care, he has a breadth and depth of experience solving unique problems with product and process optimization. A fierce advocate for providers and patients, his mission is to create a more accessible, affordable, and sustainable health system.

Jake graduated from University of Pittsburgh College of Business and received a Masters in Healthcare Innovation from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He serves on the Board of Directors of nonprofit Bite Me Cancer, the Advisory Board of ed tech company Puberry, and is passionate about the intersection of food/agriculture, the environment, and healthcare. He lives in New York City.

Brian Mupo

An experienced entrepreneur and strategic thinker, Brian possesses a proven track record of driving business growth and delivering successful outcomes. With a comprehensive background in strategic planning, corporate ϐinance, leadership, and business operations, Brian has honed his skills in launching, scaling, and exiting businesses. His passion for innovation, combined with a dedication to analytics-driven decision-making and financial accountability, is foundational to Brian’s acumen for identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities effectively.

Brian’s origin story began right out of college when he founded Tier One Tutors, which offered high-end, 1-on-1 tutoring for advantaged students, and concurrently ran classes for those in underprivileged schools. A benchmark of its success was a 70%+ profit margin, growing annually for 13 consecutive years. In 2020, Brian had a successful exit.

After, Brian embarked on his second endeavor: KYX LLC. As the Co-Founder and CEO of KYX, he led the premier subscription rental platform for limited-release sneakers, achieving over $6.2M in ARR and attracting high-proϐile investors and partners. The company was entirely venture-backed, raising almost $10M. At its peak, the subscription model brought in over $6M in ARR with more than 3,000 subscribers.

Today, Brian is the co-founder and CEO of Couri, a delivery platform that aims to solve last-mile delivery’s most vexing problems by providing end-to-end, same-day and scheduled, secure delivery using a patent-pending smart lock system and impenetrable bag that can only be opened by the customer using multi-factor authentication.


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