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Remedy Invests in She Matters

Remedy Product Studio is excited to announce our investment in our newest portfolio company, She Matters

With this investment, Remedy supports She Matters’ mission of tackling maternal health inequities for Black mothers through systemic change in culturally competent care training and patient resources. 

Remedy’s investment is part of a larger seed extension round of $2 million, bringing the company’s total raise to $3.5 million. Other investors include the American Heart Association, The Fund, and The Social Entrepreneurs Fund.

In the United States, Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications than White women. With a recent increase in the reporting on and awareness of these dire statistics, the U.S. Federal and State governments are actively looking for solutions.

As the only digital health platform tailored to the specific nuances and challenges related to being a pregnant and postpartum Black woman, She Matters focuses on accomplishing specific key goals, including: 

  1. Reducing postpartum maternal mortality statistics 

  2. Increasing return visits for Black mothers

  3. Improving patient/provider relationships

She Matter’s tech-enabled solutions accomplish these goals by offering culturally competent certification for healthcare providers, an online community for Black mothers with over 10,000 users, and culturally relevant resources for Black mothers.

Through the investment, Remedy will collaborate with the She Matters team to build a Symptoms Tracker app that will allow expecting and new mothers to monitor gestational hypertension — a condition 2x more likely to impact black mothers than white mothers. The app will proactively alert the user and their emergency contacts of any potential maternal health risks. 

“We chose to partner with Remedy because they were passionate about upholding our priority of fostering diversity at every step of the process,” said Jade Kearney, CEO and Co-Founder of She Matters. “As two Black women founders, we were excited that Remedy wanted to infuse the build process with diverse voices from both their side and ours to create the best product possible.”

The investment in She Matters aligns with Remedy’s thesis of investing in technology businesses that enhance personal wellbeing, improve care delivery, and leverage data for global good. 

“It’s one thing to commit capital to a company, and another to actually be part of building the solution with the founders,” says Jess Schram, Director of Investments and Incubations at Remedy. “I’m excited to be using our studio’s resources to help correct systemic issues facing black expectant mothers and to be a part of such an impactful project with brilliant visionaries.”


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