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Tech Week Rewind

Remedy spent October nerding out over all things tech, startups, and investing at NY Tech Week 2023.

We had the pleasure of chatting with so many investors, founders, and operators who share a passion for effecting change through innovation and tech. Each event offered something new, and we spent the week learning about upcoming trends and important insights in industries spanning from HealthTech to SportsTech.

While every event had its own strengths, a few stood out to the Remedy team. Check out this compilation of each Remedy team member's favorite tech week event to read about their greatest tech-week-takeaways:


Jess Schram, Director of Investments and Incubations

"There's nothing more inspiring than being in a room full of boss ladies doing incredible things. I loved that the event took place in Her Workspace, which contributed to the feeling of collaboration and female empowerment. It was particularly important for me to make time for female-focused events at Tech Week this year, given funding for female-founded startups is the lowest its been since 2016.

As an investor, I'm committed to being part of the change I wish to see in the industry, and am actively looking for strong female-founded businesses to bring into our portfolio at Remedy. If you're a female founder raising capital to further your product roadmap, please don't hesitate to reach out!"

Neil Smullian, VP of Sales

“The NYTechWeek Meet & Greet with Techstars NY stood out as the highlight of Techweek for me. The most rewarding aspect of my role is connecting with fascinating companies led by remarkable founders, and this event perfectly encapsulated that experience. Each founder from the NYC Cohort delivered succinct pitches, followed by engaging conversations. I was genuinely impressed by every company and its founder, and, notably, each one displayed enormous potential. Kudos to the NYC Techstars team for curating this outstanding group of participants. The event was a huge success from start to finish.”

Iggy Moliver, Head of Product and Strategy

Favorite Event: HealthTech Meetup & Panel hosted by Guaranteed Health

“They brought together a great room of healthtech operators working on impactful problems. I loved meeting the Guaranteed team in-person, including Guaranteed Head of Medical Affairs and new Remedy Scout Raihan Faroqui.”

Favorite Event: CX Summit 2023 hosted by Backstage.AI

“GenAI shocked the world with its capabilities. Now the tech community gathers together to create solutions to enhance customer experience.”

Isabela Fernandes, Marketing Strategy Associate

"'We have data to predict everything except what’s going on inside a woman's body,' began event panelist and Evvy co-founder Priyanka Jain.

In a room full of passionate and sharp people, there was no shortage of amazing insights on the topic. However, what was even more motivating was to see companies – and venture dollars – invested in those solutions. I left inspired by the words and accomplishments of panelists Priyanka Jain with Evvy, Heather Hartnett with Human Ventures, and Tiffany Springle with ROE v BROS."


Snapshots from NY Tech Week


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