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Value beyond the build.

We invest in technology businesses that enhance personal well-being, improve care delivery, empower financial stability, leverage data systems for deep learning, and revolutionize the way we engage in commerce.

Investment Thesis

Why We Invest

We believe in the power of collaboration, and we like to put our money where our mouth is. An investment with Remedy can be used to increase product velocity while extending a company’s runway. Our goal is to help portfolio companies hit milestones faster and get to the next round with a higher valuation.

How We Invest

Remedy primarily invests in the form of equity-for-service or “sweat equity.” We deliver technical resources such as senior engineering and product leadership in exchange for minority ownership, commensurate with the dollar amount invested. 


Our investment size is typically $50K - $200K into Pre-Seed to Series A businesses. We draw down on this investment as a service credit over time. Similar to VC funds, each prospective investment opportunity will undergo a diligence process before we choose to invest. 

Why Remedy?

Our leadership team is made up of both product operators and former Venture Capitalists. Our experience working with venture-backed startups from both angles gives us insight into what a company needs to build a sustainable business and successfully raise its next round of funding. 


Many of our Partners have been acquired (ClassPass by MindBody), raised growth-equity funding (H1 Insights), and secured category-defining valuations in the earliest stages (Caraway).

Pitch Prep

Holistic Support

Remedy helps our Partners prepare for fundraising by assisting with investor readiness activities such as narrative development, pitch deck creation, dataroom organization, technical due-diligence, and investor relations/venture targeting. 


We help our partners increase visibility on their fundraises by actively connecting startups with investors in our network through our longstanding relationships as product partners and co-investors. In addition, we keep an active network of complementary service partners.


On a limited basis, Remedy incubates companies with talented entrepreneurs who are looking for a technical co-founder. Ideal companies for this program are pre-launch or post proof-of-concept businesses in healthtech, fintech, wellness, or commerce.

Our Investment Team

"As a former VC, I was absolutely hooked on Remedy’s model after seeing firsthand the value they brought to one of my portfolio companies. There is nothing more founder-friendly than a minority shareholder with a lead investor mindset."

“I worked with and took investment from Remedy for my startup before joining the team. Remedy didn’t just build what I told them; they defined my product strategy by designing experiments and incorporating data into decision-making. They acted like a long-term partner from day one.”

Investment Portfolio

"Remedy has been amazing. The team is incredibly professional and detail-oriented. I’ve enjoyed my time working with everyone in the organization, and they are a big part of the AssetDash plans moving forward. I’m excited to have Remedy on-board as an investor and long-term partner."

"We were really excited to bring Remedy onboard as an investor. It is really important to us that our tech team is nimble, invested, and has a broad understanding of our product and goals. Remedy brings that all to the table! "

“Remedy's investment has definitely deepened our relationship, which now spans over 2 years. Their sweat equity allowed us to take the action we needed to grow and they are now more invested, literally and figuratively, than ever in our success.”


Sign Up to Receive Deal Flow

Remedy's access to both early stage companies and a network of investors means we often get to facilitate relevant (and successful) VC<>founder introductions. We regularly share deals with investors who we think might be a fit for the companies we meet. Sign up to receive these deal blasts, and join our community!

  • Our investment size ranges from $50K to $200K into Pre-Seed to Series A companies. We do not set valuations or lead rounds. We are minority, follow-on investors and typically the last check in.

  • We believe in the power of collaboration and founder-friendly incentives. The quality of our work speaks for itself, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is to back it — just ask our partners and portfolio companies. We will gladly put you in touch with our partners to hear about their first-hand experience with our team.

  • Remedy invests equity-for-service or “sweat equity.” This means we deliver technical resources in exchange for minority ownership commensurate with the dollar amount invested at the terms the lead sets for the round. (Check sizes between $50K - $200K).

    We set all of our investments to a draw-down schedule, which is usually 6-12 months or the average length of an initial SOW. This means the investment is awarded in equal parts over a set time horizon.

    Founders draw down on the investment as a service credit over this pre-determined time period. For example, if Remedy were to invest $150K over a 10-month period, the company would benefit from $15K deducted from their monthly invoice with Remedy until the investment is fully deployed.

    This amortized investment strategy allows for a smoother burn rate over the project's lifetime, which also looks better to VCs when they review your P&L in your future data room.

    Our equity vests over this time period as well.

    We are comfortable investing in convertible notes, SAFEs, or priced rounds

  • We invest in technology businesses that enhance personal wellbeing, improve care delivery, empower financial stability, revolutionize how we engage in commerce, and leverage data for global good. With a focus on these pivotal sectors – health, wellness, finance, commerce, and data – we aspire to build a brighter and more equitable global community, where health thrives, financial barriers dissolve, and commerce becomes a force for positive transformation.

  • Pre-Seed through Series A

    Ability to grow traction or positive Month-over-Month momentum for 6+ months

    Three or more full-time employees

    Plan to use part of the fundraise on a product build or expansion of their technical team

    At least $500K of initial investment (ideal, but not mandatory)

    Mature founders that either have (1) deep professional experience operating in the space they are building in, (2) previous experience founding a company

    Technical leadership in place (ideal, but not mandatory)

    Raising at least $1.5M of funding

    Post-revenue or a clear path to revenue in 6 months

  • The draw-down schedule mentioned above prevents this very issue. Amortizing the investment in this way splits our participation into equal parts over a set time horizon (usually, 6-12 months, or the average length of an initial SOW with our team). Our equity vests over this period, so it is impossible to “run the bill” to earn ownership faster. This amortized investment schedule allows for a smooth and consistent burn rate over the lifetime of the project, which also looks great in your P&L when you go out to fundraise your next round.

  • Remedy does not have any geographic restrictions as part of its investment criteria. However, we most commonly invest in US-based businesses and will also consider investments across North America, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia, though less common.

Investment FAQs

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