Why Remedy

Our experience working with venture-backed startups gives us insight into what a company needs to demonstrate to successfully raise its next round of funding. We know the importance of hitting key metrics to demonstrate product-market fit and growth potential.

How we work

We help startups prepare for fundraising by crafting the narrative, preparing the pitch, and ensuring you can demonstrate product-market fit. We actively connect startups with angels and venture capitalists in our network. During the fundraising process we help with deck preparation, pitch practice, and technical due diligence.

Who we work with

We get to know our founders to make sure their work style is a good fit before making an investment decision. On a limited basis, Remedy co-founds companies with talented entrepreneurs who are looking for a technical co-founder. Ideal companies for this program are pre-seed to Series A companies in healthtech, fintech, and wellness.

Services we offer

Remedy provides funding, technical resources, and senior technical and product leadership in exchange for a meaningful equity stake.

Our Portfolio


"For an early startup like us, working with Remedy has been a game-changer. I’d worked with engineering agencies in the past, and Remedy went so far beyond that. The Remedy team has been a key part of product, design, and even growth strategy, from the very beginning. This is a crew of startup veterans, so our pace has been quick and agile but our infrastructure is built to scale. We couldn’t be happier with this partnership."
Dante Doig-Acuña
Head of Product | Ritual
"We initially chose to work with Remedy to get our product off the ground, and immediately, we could tell they really understood the nuances of launching a startup. They took the time to understand the overall business model and goal we were trying to accomplish, which helped them bring us to each milestone from both a product and a business perspective."
Chris Tilson
Co-founder and CPO | Goose
"Remedy has been amazing. The team is incredibly professional and detail-oriented. I’ve enjoyed my time working with everyone in the organization, and they are a big part of the AssetDash plans moving forward. I’m excited to have Remedy on-board as an investor and long-term partner."
Matias Dorta
Co-founder & CEO | AssetDash
"Remedy is a great resource in that they’re partly here and partly elsewhere. We get the benefits of global talent and the support of having face-to-face time with team members in NYC. They’ve helped us with expertise and thought partnership."
David Stein
Co-founder & CEO | Ash
"Working with Remedy has been crucial. Through all of the ebbs and flows of a start-up, they have not only been a consistent piece of our story but have stepped in to help when other pieces were less than consistent. Remedy has been crucial in migrating our users to a platform that will allow us to scale rapidly, iterate quickly and track data effectively."
Allison Rapaport
CEO | Every Mother
"We were really excited to bring Remedy onboard as an investor.  It is really important to us that our tech team is nimble, invested, and has a broad understanding of our product and goals. Remedy brings that all to the table! "
Tegan Bukoski
CEO | Wellset
"Remedy is an extension of your engineering team, product management, CTO, and founding team. Their engineers are capable, contribute strategically, and work as a part of your company. We’ve never lost trust in them."
Jesus Zaragoza
Platform & Software Architecture Manager | Wave Neuroscience
"We knew what we wanted when we approached Remedy, but their team asked questions and collaborated with us in a way that helped us rethink our approach for the better. Throughout the process, Remedy was extremely responsive to our needs and provided the right expertise to get our initial release off the ground."
Drew Brinkoetter
Co-founder & CEO | Goose
"Remedy is a consistently curious and strategic group of people who became a team within our company. They go above and beyond to make themselves available and offer experienced developers who can jump right into any project, bringing invaluable technical knowledge and great questions."
Brian Craine
Senior PM | Health Reveal