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The Scout Community

About The Community

The scout community is a global network of investors, founders, and operators passionate about the future of tech. Scouts get access to curated events and the opportunity to earn investment carry and revenue commission on referrals.

Meet Some of Our Current Scouts

Sharon Mwale

Venture Architect

BCG Digital Ventures



Alex Kim
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Laurel Woerner


LTW Consulting

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Read about the rest of our awesome scouts
In Cohort 1, Cohort 2, and Cohort 3.

  • Remedy Product Studio works with and invests in Seed to Series C founders on the strategy, execution, and launch of digital products across healthcare, data, and finance/commerce technology.

  • If a scout refers a company to Remedy, and we move forward with a formal partnership with them, then the scout receives revenue commission or investment carry.

  • If you're excited about joining the community, feel free to fill out the application. We'll reach out to schedule a one-on-one chat, and if we think it's a good fit, then you'll join 10 - 15 other awesome people as a part of our next cohort of scouts.

  • There's no one type of scout! We aim to bring together a diverse group of people who all have strong networks in tech and are actively looking to continue growing that network.

  • We ask scouts to attend at least 2 events annually either in-person or virtually, connect with at least 6 other scouts through a one-on-one chat, make at least 4 referrals per year, and engage actively with us on social media channels.

  • For more information about the community or application process, reach out to us at

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