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Wave Neuro


Wellness, Healthtech


Python, Flask, REST API, BDD with Behave

About‍ the Company

Wave Neuroscience Technology is a US-based healthcare provider that uses technology and data analysis to help people better understand their brains and access personalized wellness care without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. Wave Neuro leverages decades of medical research and expertise to make “Braincare” technologies accessible, understandable, viable, and affordable.

Wave Neuro’s service works in three steps: 1) a ten minute brainwave scan, 2) a report that translates these scan results into actionable information, and 3) generated protocol for personalized brainwave stimulation based on the users’ unique report.

Wave Neuro wanted to redesign and add functionality enhancements to their web-driven platform that would analyze scan results and give users detailed reports about their brain health.

The Problem

Remedy worked with on-site Business Analysts to conduct market research and data analysis to ultimately create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The Solutions

"Remedy is an extension of your engineering team, product management, CTO, and founding team. Their engineers are capable, contribute strategically, and work as a part of your company. We’ve never lost trust in them."

Jesus Zaragoza

Head of Product Management

The team built a new fully-functioning MVP “Braincare platform” equipped with new functionalities, a user-friendly interface, third-party integration options, and seven new user roles.

The MVP syncs with Wave Neuro’s unique medical device that sends electric-pulses to specific brain regions. The MVP platform then analyzes these results to derive insights into clients’ brain health based on algorithms and years of historical data. These insights result in actionable reports that doctors use to construct non-invasive treatment plans that don’t rely on pharmaceuticals. The Remedy team is continuing to work with Wave Neuro to continue improving user experience and operations.

The Result‍

Remedy did this by using the Agile Methodology to break up the project into several phases and establish a continuous feedback loop on incremental updates.

Feedback often included implementing new features and ideas, and Remedy quickly tested and debugged all new additions.

During our partnership, Remedy built an MVP platform for Wave Neuro that syncs with their unique medical device and is equipped with specific functionalities, a user-friendly interface, and seven user roles.

More Work

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