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Remedy Product Studio

Curious about what we do?

Remedy Product Studio works with founders on strategy, execution, and launch of digital products. We collaborate with Seed to Series C companies across healthcare, data, and finance/commerce technology. We have been a long-term partner to companies including ClassPassHealthRevealH1SommsationAsh, and Caraway Health

Partners are typically with us for 3 years, and we take them through 2 fundraises with investors like Google VenturesGreycroft, and Serena Ventures. We work closely with investors to fill out rounds and invest in select partners in the form of sweat equity.

So, what does a Remedy partnership look like?

  • Each Remedy team works exclusively with a single partner to synthesize company objectives, create a roadmap, and then deliver a product. 

  • With our unique flavor of agile methodology, our product-led teams distill a partner’s broad vision into a lean scope that can be delivered and tested in a short time frame.

  • Our cross-functional teams work on product management, full stack and data engineering, DevOps, architecture, QA, and UX/UI design. 

Throughout a partnership, we measure product success to thoughtfully scale, enhance, and adjust long-term technology, product, and business strategy. 

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