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Year In Review: Team Growth

2022 has been a transformative year for Remedy, and we’re excited to share how our team has grown!

Kicking off 2022, Remedy served our partners with a small but skilled team of employees spread across Europe and North America. We now boast a new office in Latin America and a total of 98 employees across Europe, North America, and Latin America.

We onboarded new team members – the majority being engineers with a background in Python, Node, and React. But our first and last new hires of the year were UX/UI designers, Olesya Levytska and Kate Falezhynskaya, respectively.

When Olesya Levytska was asked about her first year with Remedy, she was excited to comment that by “joining Remedy Product Studio’s team, I've started more than just a job – a great experience with product design, team collaboration, and self-growth opportunities. Thank you team! And thank you [Remedy Lead Designer] Artem Belonozhko for mentoring me! Looking forward to new achievements together.”

We’re also looking forward to what we will accomplish with awesome team members like Olesya in 2023 and are always looking to add new talent to our team. We're actively searching for Engineers, Designers, and Product Managers to start with us in 2023, so connect with us on LinkedIn!

We welcomed new team members to Remedy this year with our Brazil, Poland, and Georgia offices showing the most team growth, and we were thrilled to open our LATAM office in April 2022.

With an active hiring season and rapid company growth, we continue to scale up mindfully. This means supporting the health and wellness of our employees, ensuring sustainable work-life balance, and offering learning opportunities that promote career and professional development. We prioritize and invest in our teammates because they make serving our partners possible.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, our co-founder and CEO, Oleg Krook, said, “It is always exciting to see how your company grows over the years. We continuously raise the quality bar within the organization as well as the growing expectations we seek in candidates. Each new talent we hire brings something new to the table and adds to the diversity of our team.”

We’re thrilled to share our team’s 2022 story with you and look forward to an ambitious year of growth in 2023.


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