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Remedy Invests In Ash Wellness

Remedy Product Studio is excited to announce our investment in our longtime partner and newest portfolio company, Ash Wellness.

By taking this next step, we continue to support our partner’s goal to increase healthcare accessibility through diagnostic testing. Remedy’s investment was a part of Ash’s bridge round, which helped them secure funding to scale before they raise a Series A. We invested alongside other investors such as Gaingels, XRC Labs, Merus Capital, 500 Global, and Cornell Tech.

Ash Wellness’s end-to-end solution allows organizations to offer at-home diagnostic testing to their clients. When Ash launched in 2019, their main focus was providing support to the LGBTQ+ community through accessible HIV and STI testing. As they’ve expanded, they’ve continued to prioritize community and serving people at the margins. Despite the worldwide uncertainty of Covid, both Ash and Remedy saw major growth in revenue and strategic partnerships

"Investing in Ash furthers our collective mission of using technology to expand access to and provide care where it’s needed,” says Remedy Head of Product and Strategy Iggy Moliver, who leads Remedy’s investment committee. “We are inspired by their meaningful work and, with this investment, we look forward to Ash expanding their technology ecosystem, and increasing their impact.”

Remedy partnered with Ash in 2021 to collaborate with their internal team and build their Lab API infrastructure. A core product, the Lab API has streamlined and automated Ash’s business, allowing them to integrate new clients at a faster rate and boost their revenue.

“We were already committed to continuing our work with Remedy, but now we’re really on the same team, so I see this as a win-win,” CEO of Ash Wellness, David Stein, said about the future of the relationship. “We both have skin in the game.”

Remedy is now working with the Ash team to build a 2.0 version of their Physician Provider of Record API from scratch. This new API will assist physicians in creating a more meaningful results process and guarantee a higher quality experience for their clients.

With over 60 years of experience between Remedy’s three managing partners, and over 88 talented engineers, product managers, and designers, we are building the next generation of digital products and investing in the success of our partners.

“Remedy is a great resource because they truly are a global product studio,” said Stein when asked what he values the most about Remedy. “By partnering with them, we get the benefits of affordable, offshore expertise in addition to frequent face-time with their team in NYC. It’s a high-value combination.”

Through our investment and continued partnership with Ash Wellness, we will work to make the healthcare industry more inclusive and accessible to all.


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