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Remedy Invests in AssetDash Pre-Seed Funding Round

All-In-One Investment Tracking Platform Powered by Remedy Product Studio

Remedy is delighted to announce our investment in AssetDash's pre-seed funding round. The resulting product is the first-ever mobile investment tracking platform that enables investors across the globe to track their entire portfolio in one place.

First-of-its-kind portfolio tracker for investors

The investment app, launched on January 13th, 2022, has been made possible due to the collaboration and enormous efforts of forward-thinking enthusiasts from both teams.

"Since the launch, we’ve onboarded thousands of users, we were voted #1 on Product Hunt, and now we are taking feedback from our passionate base to shape our roadmap," shares Matias Dorta, Co-Founder and CEO of AssetDash.

The all-in-one investment solution supports every asset class in real-time, including stocks, cryptos, NFTs, DeFi, and provides tools to add private equity, real estate, and precious metal investments. AssetDash supports over 100+ platforms, including every major brokerage, exchange, wallet, and blockchain.

On January 18th, 2022, AssetDash reached #1 Product of the Day at Producthunt.

Behind the Scenes

Since their founding, the AssetDash team envisioned a social network to track investment activities and publish relevant financial news.

"Today, investors are spanning across multiple asset classes," Matias explains. "This makes the investing world even more fragmented and creates a cumbersome investing experience. We set out on a mission to solve this with AssetDash."

In 2021, AssetDash reached out to Remedy to develop their initial MVP into an all-in-one Crypto Portfolio and NFT tracker enhanced with additional features.

Backed by multi-year expertise in Fintech solutions, Remedy facilitated end-to-end product development and is thrilled to back AssetDash as both an investor and software partner.

Together with the AssetDash team, the company carried out all the key stages, including:

  • Product development

  • Compliance checks

  • Penetration testing

  • Investment presentations

  • Third-party integrations

Delivered Solution

AssetDash allows mobile and web users to:

  • Track all investments in one place in real-time

  • Analyze exact allocations across all asset classes

  • Receive high-level insights about portfolio

  • Get breaking news and research on holdings

  • Access Community Insights to better understand investing trends across the broader community

  • Track all Ethereum and Solana NFTs with real-time live floor prices

  • View all NFTs in a beautiful mobile NFT Gallery

AssetDash and Remedy are integrating new features and functionality enhancements to expand the list of supported platforms, allowing users to add and track all kinds of investments.

"Remedy has been amazing. The team is incredibly professional and detail-oriented. I’ve enjoyed my time working with everyone in the organization and they are a big part of the AssetDash plans moving forward. I’m excited to have Remedy on-board as an investor and long-term partner," says Matias.


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