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Year In Review: Investment Portfolio

Remedy’s wrapping up the year and running through our community's wins in our latest series: A Year-in-Review. Today, we're covering our investment portfolio.

We’re proud to share that over 2022, we invested in 4 partners, making huge steps toward fulfilling our company mission – and we’re ready to keep this going in 2023.


Our Investment Thesis

Every Remedy investment needs to take us closer to “increasing accessibility to healthcare, infrastructure, health, finance, and commerce for underserved and historically ignored populations” - well summarized by Iggy Moliver, our resident quote maker and Head of Product and Strategy.

"Our 2022 portfolio companies provide access to women's healthcare, mental health services, diagnostic testing, and financial awareness."

Additionally, these companies need to:

  • Be a current or future Remedy partner

  • Have a strong founder with a problem-market it (and positive track record)

  • Show clear proof of traction

We’re excited to walk you through the companies that made the cut, and even more excited to continue working with them to champion accessibility and essential services for everyone.

The Investments

After looking at the incredible founders, market, and traction of potential investments, we chose to invest in 4 partners, all of which were founded by talented and underrepresented founders, and this is what they had to say:

  • Q1 – FinTech | Pre-seed round | AssetDash promotes economic literacy and enables financial independence. "Remedy has been amazing. The team is incredibly professional and detail-oriented. I’ve enjoyed my time working with everyone in the organization and they are a big part of the AssetDash plans moving forward. I’m excited to have Remedy on-board as an investor and long-term partner," says Matias Dorta, Co-Founder and CEO of AssetDash.

  • Q2 – Healthcare | Seed extension round | Ash Wellness enables at-home diagnostics by allowing consistent testing for patients in underserved populations, stigmatized groups, and care deserts. “We were already committed to continuing our work with Remedy, but now we’re really on the same team, so I see this as a win-win,” CEO of Ash Wellness, David Stein, said about the future of the relationship. “We both have skin in the game.”

  • Q3 – Health & Wellness | Seed extension round | Every Mother is empowering mothers by providing information, resources, clinically proven therapeutic programs, and physical therapy for women and new moms with a focus on core and pelvic floor care. Every Mother’s CEO, Allison Rapaport reports how “Remedy's investment has definitely deepened our relationship which now spans over 2 years. Their sweat equity allowed us to take the action we needed to grow and they are now more invested, literally and figuratively, than ever in our success.”

  • Q4 – Health & Wellness | Seed extension round | WellSet offers affordable and inclusive digital on-demand mental health classes “from diverse instructors, to Spanish language and LGBTQ+ supportive content, and beginner-friendly classes…" Co-Founder and CEO of Wellset, Tegan Bukowski said “[We] were really excited to bring Remedy onboard as an investor. It is really important to us that our tech team is nimble, invested, and has a broad understanding of our product and goals. Remedy brings that all to the table!”

What’s Up Next

While making our New Year Resolutions, “Remedy maintains its commitment to investing in companies who provide access to underserved populations in important aspects of life,” says Iggy. In 2023, we are also hoping to increase our impact by investing in Series A rounds.

When asked what he is most excited to see regarding investments next year, Iggy said he is optimistic about seeing our portfolio companies deliver value and raise follow-on funding. Additionally, he hopes we invest in five (new) partners, and follow on with some of our existing portfolio companies.

We asked Iggy (again) what industries and trends we should keep an eye on in 2023. These were his picks:

  • AI GPT-3’s integration and improvement across different industries, with an emphasis on healthcare

  • COVID-19 healthcare trends (e.g. telehealth, remote care) and how they continue to grow or stagnate after COVID


We’re proud to look back on a year where our investments supported mission-driven, underrepresented founders and show amazing growth for Remedy – bringing us one step closer to making essential services accessible to more people in 2023.

Get ready. We’ve got some impactful work, investments, and growth to come.


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