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The Home For Early Stage Startups

Remedy is excited to announce a partnership with WeWork Labs as official mentors of the “The Home for Early Stage Startups”. WeWork Labs provides education, connections, and mentorship to help anyone take the startup path and grow.

WeWork Labs partners with local incubators and accelerators to provide holistic, long-term support for startups throughout their journey. We’re excited about our partnership with WeWork Labs because these values are in line with our own goal of helping startups achieve sustainable growth as long-term partners.

Remedy has been a part of the WeWork community for 2 years. We have been inspired by the amazing startups taking shape at WeWork, and we are looking forward to contributing to the growth of new companies.

We will be hosting an event at WeWork 205 Hudson to help interested startups through challenges in our areas of expertise: Engineering, Product Development, and Venture Strategy. Attendees are encouraged to sign up for a 20-minute timeslot with RPS CEO Oleg Krook, Head of Product Iggy Moliver, or Venture Strategist Peter Stein to discuss development plans and challenges.

Thanks to Jake Sucoff and Susan Deng of WeWork Labs for their assistance and coordination to make this partnership a reality! We’re looking forward to the event on October 24 and to bringing this program to the global WeWork community in the coming year.


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