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Startup Spotlight: Codestream At Developer Week

A lot of exciting products were featured at Developer Week this year, but the one that really caught my eye was CodeStream – the first messaging platform built exclusively for developers. We were there and got to talk excitedly about the possibility of “a Slack exclusively for developers”. It would make collaborating, commenting, and communicating code so much easier.

I had the chance to speak with Peter Pezaris, Founder & CEO at CodeStream to learn more about his journey. According to Peter,

“if you make things simpler to talk about, people will do it more often."

I couldn't agree more.

CodeStream creates a knowledge base behind your codebase so that you can track the development and ongoing conversations of a product over time. Not to mention, onboarding new employees would be a breeze – all conversations are saved alongside the code, and new hires can see the development of the project even before they were a part of it.

Peter has been working in the tech and startup space for 23 years. He noticed a gap in the market when he saw that despite the growth and increased use of team chat technologies in other industries, developers were some of the last to adopt the trend. Programming can be frustrating – according to Peter, 40% of developers feel like they are competing with their peers, causing breakdowns in communication.

CodeStream was created to help bridge these gaps, and all signs point to its success. CodeStream partnered with Y Combinator and has some exciting developments with major tech giants coming up. We’re excited to see what the company has in store in the future and look forward to sharing CodeStream with our colleagues and friends.

Thank you to Peter & Team CodeStream for taking the time to chat!


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