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Remedy Launches Latin America Office

We are thrilled to announce that in April 2022, Remedy Product Studio opened a Latin American Division out of Medellin, Colombia.

The global nature of our company defines who we are. With teams located across the United States, Europe, and now, Latin America, we provide dedicated product development support to businesses around the world. With the addition of our Latin American team, we gain the ability to staff teams in new markets with full US time zone overlap and now have incredibly skilled engineers, UX/UI designers, product managers, and more, in almost every time zone in the world.

One of those engineers, Eric de Oliveira Souza, based out of Belo Horizonte, Brazil shares the impact he thinks the new team can have on the product development process for our partners, “By combining hard work with skill, I firmly believe that we, as a team, can get any project done effectively – by maintaining good task management and always improving our code, by staying updated on recent tech.”

Arturo Salgado, a backend developer on the team, agreed and shared that with his comprehensive software background and his teammates’ similar experiences, he believes their strengths lie in their ability to handle complex projects and tasks in the product strategy process. “We love technical challenges, but beyond that we strive to actively recommend the best approaches to meet specific business goals.”

Remedy initially planned to launch the division in Q4 2022, but after discovering a great ecosystem of engineering talent, we kicked off as soon as we could. During the exploratory phase, Remedy Director of Engineering, Sergey Kuzmich, put all candidates through intense testing and identified strong talent early that we simply couldn’t wait to bring on.

Oleg Krook, Remedy co-founder and CEO, shared that he was very impressed with the excellent communication skills of the newest team members, all of whom speak both English and Spanish or Portuguese fluently. He was also delighted with the amount of additional professional education that many of the candidates have received through courses and certification programs.


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