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Oleg Krook

“People make all the difference.”

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Oleg Krook is Co-Founder and Managing Partner (Head of Engineering) of Remedy Product Studio. Oleg has over 20 years of technical experience, during which he has played key roles in architecting complex systems, creating engineering culture, and scaling technical solutions to millions of users.

As Director of Engineering at Classpass, Oleg helped the company grow from Seed to Series B by solving key technical challenges, such as delivering
the first API services for the initial mobile app and leading a team of engineers in creating a flexible membership model.

As CTO at Block Six Analytics, Oleg built an agile product and engineering team to integrate their R&D Machine Learning department into the development cycle. As CTO at Zeamo, Oleg introduced microservice architecture to support the rapid development of business goals and objectives. Oleg previously served in engineering leadership roles at Amplify Education and Coherent Solutions.

Oleg has a degree in Computer Science from Belarus State University. He lives in New Jersey with his daughter Michelle, dog Chucky, and cat Ginger. He enjoys Formula 1 Racing, Sci-Fi movies, and driving like he’s a stuntman in the Fast and the Furious.

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