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About the Company

HealthReveal is a clinical AI company focused on providing personalized, data-driven recommendations to improve the lives and well-being of patients with chronic diseases. 

Driven by a passion for medical innovation, they create technology that simplifies and guides the clinical decision-making process by bridging patients’ information with guideline-directed medical therapy.

Their “Reveals Access” and “NLP Review” applications organize and synthesize patient clinical data to create actionable care recommendations known as "Reveals.” Reveals help predict individual patient health risks, monitor disease progression, and intervene with guideline-directed recommendations to help clinicians mitigate risks, improve care quality, and reduce costs. 

HealthReveal was acquired by Accolade, Inc. in 2021. 

The Problem

In 2020, HealthReveal brought Remedy on to help create their clinical rules engine and clinician-facing web platform. The solution needed tight security protocols to tackle privacy issues and required new functionalities, including:

  • Faster implementation across a variety of hospital clients
  •  Insights into user experience and clinician behaviors 
  • Increased flexibility in how insights are delivered across intervention and analytic products.


The Solutions

Remedy started by defining requirements, conducting product research, and reviewing pre-existing internal documentation to create a vision of the final product and align all the essential details.

HealthReveal needed the system to be flexible and support both current clients and the fast initial implementation of future, emerging commercial opportunities. Remedy leveraged agile development practices to enable iterative changes and ensure easier testing and debugging. Remedy also held weekly progress-checks and biweekly sprint reviews to stay aligned with the HealthReveal team.

‍The HealthReveal team needed specific user permissions and authentication for all Reveals Access use cases that complied with US HIPAA and HiTech laws and passed HRv’s SOC 2 audit requirements. To do this, Remedy:

  • Integrated Auth0, an authentication platform, into the product to manage user registration, password maintenance, and roles. 
  • Employed Terraform to enable a smooth rollout of Auth0 configuration across multiple environments, exclude asynchronous operations, and ensure that technical experts could safely and predictably deploy changes to the infrastructure.
  • Designed and built the Auth Gateway that serves as a proxy and a single entry point between the application networks and a user agent. The gateway isolates all Auth-related login into one place, allowing easy switching between different providers while maintaining a high security level.
  • Introduced UI Storybook for easy sharing of design components across multiple applications and environments.

Remedy built a fully functioning MVP of the Reveals Access application from scratch in only three months using React and Node.js to validate the product idea and attract early adopters.

The Results

Remedy ultimately built two independent, resilient, and scalable web applications that processed up to 50 thousand database records per request. The team also updated documentation and improved the quality of the existing codebase.

The resulting solution featured all the required functionality and allowed for monitoring and managing Patient Reveals with the following features:

  • Quick and easy access to real-time patient data
  • A sophisticated search engine with multiple filters and matching items
  • Data-driven dashboards to monitor patient vitals, manage therapy, and submit feedback
  • In-depth reports with individual therapy recommendations
  • A user-friendly interface to ensure enhanced user experience

The Impact

The subsequent growth of HealthReveal’s business resulted in the company’s acquisition by Accolade, Inc., a publicly traded personalized advocacy and care company reinventing the healthcare experience. Remedy and HealthReveal are continuing to improve the product and integrate new functionality enhancements to ultimately improve the lives of patients.







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