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Company Overview

Block Six Analytics (B6A) was a data-driven sports sponsorship management platform and marketplace. Sports properties, agencies, and brands used B6A’s analytics platform to maximize return on investment on their sports sponsorship spend across all advertising channels.

B6A’s partners included Pepsi, Citi, the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Browns, Soldier Field (home of the Chicago Bears), and Comcast SportsNet.

‍Block Six Analytics was acquired by Excel Sports Management in 2021. 

The Challenge

After 4 years of independent development, B6A brought in Remedy to replace their existing legacy product with a modern and scalable solution, while simultaneously maintaining support for customers on their existing platform.

The Solutions

Remedy’s design team presented several options to make B6A’s new product more user friendly. After the design approach was selected, the team created and executed a technical plan to transition from the outdated platform to the new solution.

The legacy platform was built as a monolithic PHP application; the new architecture utilized a combination of React/Redux SPA with the support of a custom backend API using Python. Technical steps involved adding initial API support to the legacy application and transitioning APIs to the new stack as product development progressed to guarantee uninterrupted service.

Within 3 months, Remedy completely replaced the client-facing functionality and transitioned to working on admin/back office development. Remedy integrated a Machine Learning media analysis feature that processed sponsorship signage in live sports game footage and a Natural Language Processing system that measured content trends across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These two features allowed the B6A platform to generate business metric reports about live, on-screen sponsorships.

During the partnership, Remedy:

  • Launched a web app MVP in 3 months.
  • Fixed the reservation system to prevent overbooking and improved scalability and performance.
  • Developed integrated machine learning and natural language processing suite.
  • Documented and tested API use-cases using functional tests.

The Impact

During the 5 years in which Remedy worked with B6A, the team raised a $2M Seed round led by Bowery Capital and follow-on funding from notable angel investors, including NBA superagent David Falk. B6A grew to service a multitude of sports properties and consumer brands, including the Detroit Lions, the Wisconsin Badgers, and Marketcast. B6A was ultimately acquired in 2021 by Excel Sports Management.







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