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AssetDash is the first cross-platform investment tracking software that enables investors to track their entire portfolio in one place. AssetDash tracks the net worth of all connected accounts in real-time and produces a daily historical chart of investors’ growth.

The Problem

The co-founders approached Remedy with the vision of building a social network that reported investment activities and financial news. They had a preexisting MVP that needed new features and design elements.


The Solution

After market research with investors and target users, the teams decided to shift the initial idea of a social network toward an all-in-one Crypto Portfolio and NFT tracker.

After confirming the pivot, we designed a web platform and updated their mobile app by expanding functionalities. During daily workshops, our partners shared new ideas and functionality enhancements that we incorporated into the user flow while keeping the interface clear and intuitive.

The Result

Our team built a web and mobile app that supports every asset class in real-time and supports over 100+ platforms, including every major brokerage, exchange, wallet, and blockchain.

In addition to investment tracking, the platform allows mobile users to: 

  • Analyze and rank exact allocations across all asset classes
  • Receive high-level portfolio insights
  • Get breaking news and research on holdings
  • Access community insights to better understand investing trends
  • Track all Ethereum and Solana NFTs with real-time floor prices in a mobile NFT Gallery

The Impact

Within 6 months of launching, the platform had over 3,300 users and held $80 million in investments, while the company had spent less than $10,000 on marketing.







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