Focus on the outcome; not the output

The Remedy Product Approach

Instead of focusing on only a requirements document, Remedy’s Product Approach focuses on business outcome, building value to a vision instead of billed hours to a contract.

The approach aligns all levels and dimensions of today’s SDLC, which in turn onboards technical talent faster, enables collaboration more naturally, and ultimately rewards users deeper.

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  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Product Management
  • Inhouse Engeneering
  • Business Objectives
  • CTO as a Service
  • Product Management
  • Engineering Teams
  • Business advocacy
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  • Qualitative feedback
  • Quantitative data
  • Market validation
  • Community input
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Every engagement at Remedy has a dedicated Product Manager who

Consults upon feature priorities

Re-priorities features as business drivers evolve

Interpretes and refines the right feature at the right time for development and deployment

Orchestrates collaboration and input

Traditional outsourcers or “dev shops” promise a block of features to be completed during the sales cycle, no questions asked. Magically, a requirements document turns into a bottleneck for onboarding and productivity. Once velocity is reached, marked-completed code misses the mark, the requirements documentation spirals into contention, and consequently users aren’t served.

Without business context and understanding of how the features will support the needed business outcomes, the approach by dev shops can sabotage expensive efforts.

Remedy Product Studio doesn’t have clients; we have Product Partners. It’s a culture, a mindset, and an advantage. From your first interaction to the last bit of code, Remedy is focused on the right outcomes.

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