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During ClassPass' two year partnership with Remedy, Remedy helped them increase their user base, automate costly manual internal systems, raise over $50 million in funding, exit the red zone, and grow their internal engineering team by 900%.

Company Overview

‍ClassPass is a monthly fitness membership app that offers an affordable way to explore over 30,000 worldwide studios, gyms, salons, and spas at discounted rates. A ClassPass membership gives you access to unlimited classes including yoga, pilates, strength training, and cycling through a credit-based plan.

ClassPass was acquired by MindBody in 2021.

The Challenge

ClassPass engaged Remedy early in their journey to resolve critical and costly issues in their class reservation system and to help the app scale to accommodate peak reservation booking hours. Following this, ClassPass wanted to build a robust and scalable application programming interface (API) to support their new iOS-native app, and they sought help in transitioning to a new multi-tier pricing model.

The Solutions

Remedy automated the class reservation process to decrease the number of reservations the ClassPass team handled internally and allow for scalability.

Following this, Remedy built the API using the behavior-driven development process to provide the use-case documentation via functional tests. By working closely with the mobile development team, Remedy was able to deliver the initial MVP in three months. Within a year, the web app was using the API to perform business functions.

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During the summer of 2014, Remedy worked with ClassPass’ team to support their transition from a single-subscription plan to a multi-tier model through end-to-end implementation and testing. Existing users were seamlessly transitioned to their corresponding plans within the new subscription model and were able to upgrade or downgrade their plans with no service interruption.

Remedy ultimately helped:

Fix ClassPass’ reservation system to prevent overbooking and improve scalability and performance.
Launch a mobile app MVP within 3 months.
Transition from monolithic to microservices architecture, improving the long-term stability of the system.
Create architecture and release a multi-tier subscription model within 2 months.
Document and test API use-cases using functional tests.


"I worked on this partnership as both an internal member of ClassPass and a technical leader on the Remedy side. Remedy supported a rapidly evolving set of products, helping ClassPass scale from seed to series B. A truly dynamic collaboration."

Remedy CEO & Co-Founder

The Impact

While working with Remedy, ClassPass raised a $12M Series A in 2014 and a $40M Series B in early 2015. They raised a $30M B extension in late 2015, just after the engagement concluded.

The engineering team at ClassPass grew from 3 people to over 30, with Remedy helping onboard and transition core team members.

Remedy’s automation of ClassPass’ system allowed an increase from a few thousand user reservations being made through the app per month to 30,000 reservations per month.

Remedy decreased the internal cost of creating reservations through ClassPass’ app by automating their manual system, allowing them to improve their cash flow.

ClassPass scaled from a few US cities to serve users nationwide and in select international markets.

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