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Blitz Insurance

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With Remedy's help, Blitz Insurance saved time and money in improving the user-interface of both their broker's portal and administration panel.

About‍ the Company

Blitz is a special insurance carrier that simplifies and speeds up the specialty coverage experience by allowing brokers and customers to quickly complete insurance quotes or confirm a policy on their device.

The Problem

Blitz needed to transform their pre-existing system that was difficult to scale, maintain, and integrate with third-party software. They reached out to Remedy to redesign the UI/UX of their platform’s administration panel and broker’s portal.

The Solution

Blitz had 3 original system user types: Producer, Client, and Blitz Admin. Remedy analyzed the initial requirements to understand each user’s flow, needs, and relationship to the other users and confirmed that the whole system needed to expand.

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After mindmapping, Remedy began wireframing and used Figma to build on Blitz’s clickable prototype. By using agile methodology, we presented Blitz with weekly updates to get in-depth feedback and keep them involved throughout the project lifecycle.


"We really appreciate Remedy's work for us and it gave us a great starting point for our UI/UX for our launch. While our current UI/UX has grown over time, we still use much of the foundation created by Remedy."

Head of Product Management

The Result

The team built a cross-application broker’s portal that features a user-friendly interface, striking design, and all intended system functionalities — such as receiving quotes or binding an insurance policy — all under the expected budget and timeline.

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