What Is RPS?

MAY 16, 2018 | by IGGY M.

When I was just starting my company, OnePlayce, I had a friend I would go to for technical advice named Justin Chang. At the time, Justin was the Director of Product at ClassPass (he’s advanced to Head of Product since). I asked Justin to help me find a technical partner to collaborate with on my vision. He set meetings with many talented and enthusiastic engineers. Some were better than others, and I even got to the altar with one before we both decided it wasn’t the right fit.

After months of meetings, I grew frustrated. Over coffee with Justin, I vented, “It’s impossible to find a technical co-founder for an early stage startup in New York!” Justin laughed and said, “Good. You needed to come to that conclusion on your own. Now let me introduce you to the team I work with at ClassPass.”

I met Remedy Point Solutions co-founders Oleg Krook and Igor Faybyshev, and a few months later I was developing my MVP with RPS. A few more months after that I had joined the team, and we were building both OnePlayce and RPStogether.

Remedy Point Solutions is a team of startup founders, executives, and contributors dedicated to helping tech companies grow. We are active members of the New York and Global tech communities who love to work with passionate entrepreneurs. We’ve taken dozens of commercial products to market and try lend our skills and expertise to help growing companies develop key products, maintain flexibility, and keep cost under control.

Our practice focuses on seed stage to Series B startups. We provide bespoke tech solutions in the areas of Technical Leadership, Product, Software Development,  and Venture Strategy. We’ve developed stunning web & mobile apps, data science tools, and integrations with companies such as ClassPass, Walkli, and Block Six Analytics during the course of our long-lasting partnerships.

We love to dig into businesses and spitball ideas. Drop us a line and let’s get the conversation going.

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