JULY 12, 2021

Remedy Product Studio, a leading product development partner for startups and corporate innovation groups, is pleased to announce that Co-Founder Igor Faybyshev will be rejoining the team full-time as Head of Operations & Technology. Igor will be bringing his expertise in finance and payments technology to lead Remedy's market expansion.

Igor has spent the last two decades as an engineer and engineering leader at various companies in New York and New Jersey, spanning from early stage startups to large enterprises. He has spent 10+ years in engineering and architecture leadership roles.

Most recently Igor comes from Citibank where he held the role of Director of Engineering and Architecture and led a Digital Transformation initiative in the Trade and Treasure Solutions group. Prior to that, he was a Senior Software Engineering Manager at Amazon, developing Ad Placements on Amazon. In his previous role as Senior Director at MasterCard, Igor led architecture of MasterPass, a white-label digital payments wallet solution.

Earlier in his career Igor held engineering and architecture leadership positions at AHALife and Wireless Generation (now Amplitude Education). He started his career at Scivantage, where he spent 9+ years developing Digital Wealth Management and Brokerage Workstation solutions.

He holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Masters in Information Systems from New York University.

About Remedy Product Studio

Remedy Product Studio supports founders and established companies in creating the next generation of great digital products. Remedy provides dedicated product development squads to scale product delivery for early stage to growth phase companies. They can stand up a full-time cross-functional team in 30-60 days that will learn your vision, deliver your product, and drive business outcomes via user feedback and iterative development. Remedy operates as an extension of an internal team, taking part in or leading all aspects of the agile process, including sprint planning, roadmapping, and daily scrum. They have been a long-term product partner to ClassPass, Health Reveal, Ritual, and Block Six Analytics.

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